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News! Random foreigner blah blah Singaporeans blah blah. Pitchforks.

Posted by temasektimesreview on April 27, 2012

A complex social issue in Singapore is reduced to a black and white assertion. Said assertion is backed up with evidence from the most reliable of sources, Facebook.

Local government figure starts Facebook page, is  inundated with pledges of support and gratitude from the immigrants and foreigners because apparently the support and criticism from local commenters which posted the majority of the comments do not count.

Somewhat innocuous comment from somewhat innocent foreigner in bold text to make it more menacing.

Somewhat innocuous comment is not enough for pitchfork.

Somewhat personal information is dug up on somewhat innocent foreigner.

Hmm still not enough for pitchfork.

Lets cut to a somewhat random thread with locals baiting foreigners …

Into saying things like this

Mission Fucking Accomplished. Commence Pitchforks.


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